I wonder who patient zero is for today's barrage of harassers and abuse. It's always such a fun mystery.

@wilw Dude I'm sorry man. If its anyone from my server let me know.

I still say your a pretty good dude so your ok in my book for whatever that is worth.

@freemo @wilw  i know a good way to avoid harassers don't use your real name just a suggestion.

@ben666 While I'm sure that would be effective, I'm not sure I'd want to have to live a life where I had to hide who I was all the time just so I didnt get harassed.

Then what if the news gets out it is you? You have to move to a new account and start making friends all over again?

I dunno I'm not sure that would be any better for him honestly.


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@freemo @wilw if you use it well nobody will ever know like i could be anybody im nothing and i think it will be the only way to avoid it. i guess it just deepens on how badly you want to avoid it.
@ben666 @freemo I'm probably going to sound like a jerk for saying this, but if you have a "personal brand", then going anonymous isn't going to suit your plans for social media.
@moonman @freemo that is true being well known has its bad sides. so it would depend on your plans for social media

So someone is being an arsehole and you glorious advice is to hide?
Mastodon is my source of positivity but you can't be serious.
@wilw @freemo

@commandelicious @wilw @freemo  its just following logic its simple. source of positivity you cant always get what you want.

@ben666 @wilw @freemo
No it's not logic and it's not simple.
Saying "it's prooven that ..." isn't a proof.
I am going to mute your instance now, have fun on mastodon but be a less shit person please, even though I doubt a shitposter ever can be a good one. Bye.

@commandelicious @wilw @freemo first its not proof its logic its not the same thing. i can only say that is very disapointing already talking about muting . and how is saying that being anonymous will get you less harrasment  being a shit person. oh and freemo see what i mean?
@freemo @wilw @commandelicious well see the instance im on and then see that it is used as an https://shitposter.club/attachment/1248822 excuse to say i was shitposting and it should be muted while i was very nice and did not shitpost while i could have and he was not so nice.

If someone wants to personally mute you or your instance that is their right. Even if they just find someone uninteresting and want to mute them I dont see the problem

No one is obligated to listen to you.

@freemo i dint mean that i mean using the excuse of shitposting that im a shit person  while i was being nice that is what i mean using excuses for just not liking what someone said and even using the name of the instance as an excuse because thats why i must be shitposting all the time.when i was clearly not. because saying i will block you because i dont like what you said does not sound good or make you look good that is what i mean.
@commandelicious @ben666 @wilw @freemo It's more like not being so attached to having an AFK identity online presence. Honestly it's mostly a liability. I've lost track of how many identities I have online.
@moonman @wilw @freemo @commandelicious me to i have different identity's to on mastodon i just have a few with the same name but on different instances i keep them all with a password manager.
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