I was cleaning out the cat boxes I keep in the yard and putting fresh straw in. Totally forgot about my nocturnal friend who was scared sensless and went hiding. I felt so bad cause he was shaking in fear. Took this quick picture then vacated the yard so he can get back to the safety if his box/home.

Poor little guy, too sweet, not mean bone in his body. I wish I could give him some cuddles ;)

Some cuddles, hah, definitely not what he was looking for! The most comforting thing you could do was exactly what you did leave him be. Poor guy. I don't know why possums seem to have such a poor reputation, cuz they look cuddly to me too.

@ab3xu Yea sadly as far as animals go the only response to stimuli an Opossum really has is to get scared, most of the time they just play dead (which is why they call it playing Opossum).

Sadly it wouldnt be easy to domesticate him enough to cuddle him, just not in their nature. But a boy can hope.

@ab3xu Side not, an Opossum and a Possum are pronounced the same but are entirely different creatures.

Hmmm, didn't know that, I'll have to look it up. thanks.

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