Why arguments against a 70% marginal tax rate for income over $10 million is absurd (look at all that money they'd STILL have):

@Ferretsyndicate No one should ever be taxed at those insane rates. Especially when there is more than enough money to go around just most of it is wasted on things we shouldnt be spending on (like military). Fix the budget, lower taxes for everyone, including the rich, and you get my support...

@Ferretsyndicate Oh sorry, I thought you were someone who discussed things maturely. Wasnt aware your just going to use childish rhetoric rather than addressing the actual message. My mistake.


Let's look at the reverse: should anyone ever be able to be a billionaire?


@Ferretsyndicate normally I'd be more than happy to discuss that point, it would be a worthwhile point to discuss for sure.

But since you opened with clear immaturity I am more likely to think that it would just be a conversation involving me listening to you throw a temper tantrum on any point I might make that you would disagree with, rather than a discussion.

As such I'd rather just exit the conversation.

@Ferretsyndicate Refusing to have discourse with people who act immature and rude is not a rage quit. I wouldn't want to interrupt the little circle jerk you all have going there with opposing opinions. Continue...


I'm sorry higher taxes on Jeff Bezos makes you upset.

@Ferretsyndicate I've asked twice now to be removed from this conversation. Please do not tag me again.

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