I love all cultures, white culture, dutch culture, french culture, vietnamese culture, indian culture, any culture you can imagine. I find them all so rich with lessons to learn from, delicious food to try, unique ways of looking at the world and morality.

It is why there is nothing that will send me running from a person faster than to hear them be hateful towards any culture. Those people have issues and while I hope one day they grow past them I dont need that shit in my life.

@freemo What about a culture that celebrates rape, murder, crime, and hate? There are at least two such cultures I can name. I would have nothing to do with such cultures.

Otherwise I think other cultures have a LOT to offer and I enjoy the differences and enjoy experiencing other cultures. It's a great way to grow and learn and become a better human being.

My daughter is a missionary and has benefited from multiculturalism as well.

@Robin There isnt a culture on earth that doesnt have dark moments in its history. Part of being an ethical global citizen is learning to embrace the good while making them aware of the bad.

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