@elmiko Thanks, the screenshot processed changed the colors for some reason. The dragon is blue in the game.

@freemo it looks light blue on my monitor, but the image totally brought me back to my days of MUDs and MUSHes.

so glad to hear folks still like these games =)

@elmiko I havent plays in many many years seriously. I just really wanted to make a game for the fun of it and I have some cool ideas. Most notable it uses Ncurses over telnet. So while still fully text based there are windows and the ability to draw anywhere on the screen. It lets me do a lot of nice UI things a traditional MUD cant do (like animations) while still letting it run over telnet without the need for a special client.

Also doing a lot of unique ideas in terms of gameplay itself.

Should be a fun a project.

@freemo that sounds so cool! is there a client that does the ncurses work on the user's end?

@elmiko Nope, just use ordinary telnet and it works. At least on linux it will. OSX and windows doesnt have the NCurses library setup and configured by default (though it is almost always there on linux).

So basically on linux nothing to install just point telnet at the server and it will work.


@elmiko thanks, its open source and once ready will be up for people to play

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