Dear IT-humans: Please do yourselves a favour and create security@ as an email address on all of your domains which is actually routed and read by someone with knowledge about your IT!
That way you make it easy for people who accidentally stumble upon security issues with your infrastructure to actually report them to you.

The sheer fact of having and reading security@ (as mandated by RFC 2142) will help improving your IT security.

@MacLemon Or do what I do and just get alll non-assigned emails routed to the CTO and let him sort it out :)

@freemo (Ab)using a CTO as spam-filter doesnโ€™t sound like a very economical solution to me. But who am I to judge? :-)


@MacLemon How ya figure. Im the CTO in at least two of my companies where I use this tactic. We have an actual spam filter so virtually none of the email that gets to me is spam (that I actually see).

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@freemo Another piece of anecdotal evidence that irony doesn't travel well. When will I learn?

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