Be warned just came up o the fediverse and it seems the server already has unauthorized clones of many of the most famous people on the Fediverse.

I have noticed a clone of myself on their servers and I assure everyone it is not me and I do not in any way support the GAB network.

@ZacharyHerold No clue, pointless trolling maybw? Or perhaps used as a way to make the server look more populated than it really is. Or perhaps to make people think their favorite users moved to gab and thus so should they? I could only speculate as to why.

@freemo @ZacharyHerold my guess is it's to make the accounts visible to their userbase given the biggest instances have them blacklisted.

Nah, if that were the case the accounts would be posting cloned copy of statuses too, they are not.


@freemo My bet is that it's a setup:
- if folks complain, they play "it's parody of a public figure so it's free speech"
- if folks don't complain, they use the clones to incite confusion via false implications / boosts with unclear context
- if people complain, fall back to step 1

This makes me think of Luciano Floridi's argument that people are constituted by their information, so stealing that information amounts pretty much to kidnapping. All sorts of images of the future come to mind here, strange altered clones of us wandering around the web without our knowledge.

@mmin I make no assertion that it is the same as kidnapping. It is simply dishonest, rude, and potentially damaging to peoples public image. Not because their name or account login was used but because fack and derogatory posts are made under the guise of it being them.

@freemo This is why WoT schemes are ultimately so important in decentalized identity online.

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