@freemo Fuck Github! 👎 I've moved away from them when they announced that they're bought by Micro$oft.It's very ironic to host open source stuff at a proprietary service.This is an evil company as that article proves once again.My recommendation: Host your own Gitea,Gogs or Gitlab instance,then nobody can take it down.Or alternatively use open instances of those hosted far away from USA like notabug.org which is based in the Netherlands.

@nipos @freemo Thanks for pointing me to the NotABug - I was looking for something like this.

@nipos @freemo Can different instances of git websites communicate with each other like in Mastodon? For example it would be awesome if I could create a pull request to a project hosted at instance A from my own instance B. Then one doesn’t need to create an account on every instance.

@upic @freemo There's already a project working on exactly that,see floss.social/@forgefed and I hope that this will be integrated in the existing Git softwares some day but currently a federation between Git servers is unfortunately not possible.

@nipos @freemo thank you! Very awesome such a project exists! I definitely have to monitor it.

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