@freemo the good news are that China believes it's real and they're quickly gaining the power to push people around about that.

Unfortunately India doesn't believe it's real and is expanding its coal based power production.

@polychrome @freemo
It's weird to agree with China on something, but this one they definitely won. In stark contrast to Trump's emission rules rollbacks and new offshore oil drills.


Well to be fair their conditions were far worse than in america too. Which makes it easier for trump to be in denial abou tit. In china people are literally suffocating to death from pollution. I'd imagine america will get there eventually to.


@freemo @chebra@mstdn.io they didn't care much about it in China for a very long time tho. They now care because circumstances are making it more valuable for them to care. Greed still rules the day. 🀷

At least they care now, I guess.

@polychrome @freemo
True, and also true that China probably has other reasons to do it. But at least they are now helping, even if with greedy intentions. Trump is greedy AND unhelpful. "We've been protecting our nature for so long, so we can now gut it" is not how climate works. And I'm afraid we won't greed our way through this one.

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