Man I've gotten so little sleep this week... Writing a brand new isnt easy work.

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@masterofthetiger Its a central component in a new company im in the process of starting up.

@masterofthetiger It isnt really about the cryptocurrency as such. Its very specialized to a specific purpose that other cryptocurrencies can't really satisfy. In fact when i sell the idea when its ready most people wouldnt care so much about the cryptocurrency by itself either.

@freemo @masterofthetiger
I can't see a reason you'd need your own currency for that. If it's to be used for a central service, think about Chaumian instead. Or just use Bitcoin when it's decentralized. Perhaps Lightning works.
If you don't want to leak your project, feel free to talk in private over Jabber. I've been doing cryptocurrency work for 7 years now I might be able to help.


It woudl be distributed. Sadly there is. one specific aspect that would require us to either write our own cryptocurrency or at least modify existing ones. Even the Dapps world of cryptocurrencies or private networks would address one particular need we have.

I cant be too specific but to be general we have very special demands on how and when coins would be created in a decentralized manner. In effect we need a custom way of doing mining and. ensure that no other mining methods exist. All of this on. a public network.



Also I think it. would be great to chat. I'm limited on. how much i can say so not sure it would be productive but we should at least open a dialogue.


Also slept weird here, but hydration issue rather than cryptocurrency.

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