In case anyone is interested here is a link to a very difficult logic puzzle that anyone without math skills can solve (it is easy to understand though). I also include the answer with a CW for those who want to skip right to the answer.



@freemo without the assistant there's a method that works ln(2)*100% of the time...

@will The probability of success is 68.82%, slightly less than ln(2) actually.

@freemo oh right you have to calculate with actual harmonic numbers and the like; still, relatively close

@will Well no, its just the ln(2) you suggest is actually the limit of infinite pots. As the number of pots approaches infinity then the probabilility of success (presuming your allowed to look in up to 50% of the pots) approaches ln(2).. but for a finite number of pots the probabilities are different.


Brilliant! I am usually good at logic puzzles, but this one stumped me. I had not considered anything remotely like the solution.
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