Americans will measure in literally anything so long as it isnt metric.

@freemo this is my favorite weird unit, and best of all it's international in scope and history.

HOW MUCH DOES A "HAMBURGER" WEIGH? the ones i make are a solid half pound after slopping on all that spicy mayo.

@mngrif I always found it curious how "Hands" as a measurement have mostly died out but are still common place measurement on Horses and only horses... Like WTF how is that useful on a horse!

@freemo on a horse (or other animal) is the only place it actually makes sense! ok so it's an inaccurate unit of measurement to begin with, and the animal is moving around anyway (we're gonna assume it's alive and probably a little pissed off, being handled and such). these aspects play off each other and the actual end number doesn't matter too much for impermanent things (stalls are always going to be way taller than a horse, same with carriers and trailers), but is useful for back of the envelope stuff such as gaits and how that might compare to another horse.

most importantly, aint nobody gonna have a tape measure or a yard stick. you just don't need to measure at all when working on a farm; you need yay length of wire, not 20ft. source: have briefly worked on a farm, have measured a horse's height. that's some bucket list shit for a Seattle native, i bet.

@mngrif I'd almost buy that if it werent for the fact that a hand is standardized today (just as a stone is) and as such it is just as precise a measurement as any other really. No one is measuring them with literal hands anymore, particularly in competition.

@freemo nah not in competition but definitely when tracking growth rates within your livestock. farms and precision don't mix. they hire accountants for that.

@mngrif Ahh yea I could see a farmer guesstimating with his hand for a livestock. Though to fair most farms these days probably have some camera with AI to do that shit or lasers or something.

@mngrif Any large factory farm I would imagine. Just not the small deals that do it all by hand.

@freemo oh shit i'll take a pic of the height strip at this mixed practice vet down the road for ya. the 'precise' way is to just parade them in front of it lol

Showed this meme to my bf, he asked "wow how many hamburgers would a cow have"

@freemo Converting from one system of measurement to another is really a pain in the ass. I love the metric system, it's so practical.

@redstarfish I prefer the metricized-imperial system with such favorites as the kiloinch, and teh centipound :)

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