Anyone know ( @Gargron ) how to get in touch with joinmastodon? Me and several others have been trying to reach them for over a month now and no response of any kind. Is the organization dead? They certainly dont seem to answer at their official email address. I've verified this with several people now who have reached out to them.

Still waiting on a response for this please. It's well over a month now I've been trying with no response.

@Gargron Another half a week, still no response of any kind, not a peep. Whats going on?

@freemo I don’t have time to review server submissions right now. I review/add them in short bursts whenever there is downtime in development. Right now I’m working on getting 3.0 out.

@Gargron Would you like some help catching up on those submissions? Or is there any workload in general I can help with. Seems more work than a single person can handle then and I'd be more than happy to help use what resources I have to pick up the slack a bit.

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