New law: Any politician who votes for a war needs to be the first one in line when we storm the beaches.

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@freemo anyone who would'd be willing to go to the front shouldn't run for office.

@freemo Its called "skin in the game" principle, Prof. Nassim Taleb has written a book with the same title.

Hundreds on years ago kings had harems and riches but were first to loose head in war. now plutocrats have more than harems and riches but are termed "TBTF"

@johnlitt They were never "the first to loose their head", they were ont he battlefield, it is true. But usually far off on a hill top somewhere giving orders. This was, in practice, less about having skin in the game and more about them being able to convey orders and negotiate in real time due to the lack fast long distance communication.

They were almost always well protected and kept out of harms way. If they died on the battlefield they were often the last one to go, though there was enough distance between them and the front lines that even then they would likely get away safe and sound.

@freemo I agree. but the kings of old had "something to loose", modern "kings" dont have anything to loose but all the things to gain! :)

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