Lists in mastodon were completely useless until we added the new features to QOTO for subscribing to remote instances local timelines and other subscriptions. There is a certain satisfaction in making a useless feature useful. It felt like wasted space before.

If you can't tell I'm super happy and excited about all the new features we added. So much fun getting to use them and knowing we are the only english speaking instance to have these features :)

@freemo Will those features eventually find their way to other instances? I'm would really like to occasionally visit other instance's local feeds.


@jaytee Thats up to each instance's administrator. It is unlikely to ever make its way into standard mastodon. If you are on a Mastodon instance which isnt highly modified (glitch-soc doesnt count) then you probably wont ever see the feature.

However if your system administrator is a programmer and often modifies the code themselves by hand to pull in other features, then it would be possible.

The QOTO codebase is public so while it would require some effort for someone to extract the features and implement it on their local system the code is there for them to do so.

With that said following a remote timeline from QOTO does **not** require the remote server to actually implement these enhancements, it works on any remote server. So with that said for the moment the only solution would be for you to open a QOTO account to use these features.

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