So I posted some questions on our discourse about how we want to use and/or moderate the QOTOJournal hash tag. I will repeat the questions here and leave a link to the discourse at the bottom for further discussion.

Does it have to be STEM specific or can it include other fields?

Does it need to have scientific integrity (Peer review) or simply be "serious"?

Do we enforce any sort of quality standards?

Should it be restricted to only sharing ones own work or can it be for anytime someone shares serious work from any source?

Do we limit the timeline we have built-in to QOTO to only display users of the Tag from our local server?

Do we put any limits to how often people can post to the tag?

What measures, if any, do we want to use to prevent abuse of the tag?

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@freemo Hmm, well I was about to ask a woodworking question, though it was for an engineering project. I like coming here because it has very little drama. It's comfortably cerebral but fun with it. I don't have to feel out of my depth with things I don't really understand about the world. That said, I'd hate to exclude people simply because they aren't like me. And we should be able to share cool shit from other sources. The things we find exciting aren't always our own. As long as credit is given, what is wrong with saying "THIS IS AMAZING! LOOK!" It's why a good chunk of us live in libraries after all:) Quality standards? I like the Wil Wheaton one. Don't be a dick. I think more people should abide by that one.

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