How many of you actually use PWA applications?

@lnxist Might help if you define or expand the acronym. I have no clue what a PWA means in this context.

@lnxist So like its open-source for poor people but rich people gotta pay to use it? ;)

@freemo It's a way to make a web app behave like a "native" application. The site is PWA-compliant, which is how I am using it to get things like push notifications.

@lnxist I guess electron is a bit more than that. It lets you run the app offline too, but PWA doesnt necessarily provide that option?

@freemo The offline bit is one of the main features of PWAs, they cache the application so if you go offline it can still serve whatever cached data it had when it was last online. It has different caching strategies so developers can decide how they want the app to handle being offline and fetching content when online.


@lnxist Cool, a lot of the "Chrome apps" are basically PWA then

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@freemo Yeah, they both provide very similar features. PWAs are kind of the "successor" to Chrome Apps, but supported by the other browsers (e.g. I'm using Firefox for Android for mine).

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