Remember kids, making your software efficient so it doesnt need to run on expensive hardware makes you a fascist Nazi!
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nasty majesty :blobcatdj:

@lain yes its more accessible............. FOR ASSHOLES THO

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@freemo ah yes the good old complaining about everyone being a 'fACiSt NaZi FOsSbRo' while using their software and contributing nothing to the foss community.

Lol wtf.

@freemo did he block you? the toot won't show anymore.

Talking about butthurt...

@Halbeard Which toot exactly? The one i directly linked to still shows for me.

I dunno though i really dont put much effort into trying to figure out who blocked me.

@freemo interesting, when I click on the toot you linked, it says that it's blocked by some content security measure (CSP). Tried this with both of my accounts.

@freemo which is strange, since I didn't interact with them directly. Whathever, was just wondering.

@Halbeard I've never interacted with the OP directly, and the post I shared was of a screen shot and share anyway, so the middle man i shared directly isnt likely to have blocked me.. maybe you i dunno.

Could be an instance level block for you guys and not about you?

@freemo could be. It's still confusing because the original post you shared is accessible from my start page. Maybe just some activity pub API weirdness.

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