Contributed only some small ideas that did or did not work.

Only piece of code (160LOC sqrt decomposition; worse than the official solution) did not pass.

Really thankful for my teammates tolerating how much of a burden I am :(

@casualwp Trying and failing doesnt make you a burden, someone needs to try ideas to see if they will succeed or not. Your only a burden if you dont try at all.


Thanks for the encouragement! Never thought that an admin would reply to my ranting. What a pleasant surprise.

I love competitive programming, but honestly it's been giving me quite a bit of stress lately.

Probably some sort of imposter syndrome, but sometimes I feel that I'm not trying, in terms of preparation, hard enough :/


@casualwp Im always happy to chat if im here. This place usually runs itself.

Maybe dont judge yourself and just do what you enjoy more :)

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