@david You're usually so nice, has anyone asked **you** if you are happy today? I hoe you are!

@freemo tbh usually not here :bowie_laugh:

Thank you, you as well! I am making it through the current situation rather well overall, but I am trying to see if I can do more

@david I' glad to hear things are going well for you. If you need anything, or even just a chat, reach out anytime

@freemo Thanks!

I'm currently looking at new development environments. I've been doing the same things for so long that I'm worried that I'm missing out on some better local web dev environment for my needs

And I live in Orange County, in Florida, right outside of Orlando.

@david I love florida, its where I go to do most of my cave diving.

I also recently looked into new dev environments. I moved over to spacemacs and am still getting used to it but loving it. What are you looking at so far?

@freemo Oh I think you mentioned spacemacs to me. I use Vagrant and VirtualBox to set up local servers. As far as coding I don't use an IDE and have been used to Sublime Text for so long that I've just stuck with it. I tried VSCode but it wasn't running great for me when I did.

I'd like something with a smaller CPU footprint sometimes

@david Ahh so your looking into new virtual machines specifically?

@freemo At the moment yes. Though I may also try other coding environments too, we'll see.

I'm looking to work on some personal projects to expand into new coding skills and have gotten myself stuck on the, "figuring out what tooling to look into" portion. But now I've got the downtime a bit more.


@david I think the only reason I start new projects is so I can install new tools and play with them :) haha

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