Interesting fact of the day. In ancient egyptian culture the saying "Eaten the heart" was a reference to grieving without justification, which was one of the mortal sins that would keep you out of their version of heaven.

It was one of the negative confessions recited by the dead during the weighing of the heart against the feather of Maat (sometimes called the feather of truth).

@freemo >grieving without justification Sounds like an odd sin.

@cowanon I always found it to be a very strange sin as well.

I'm no expert but it sounds almost like they are talking about clinical depression, which might be an odd sin but I guess it isnt unexpected, given human nature, that it might be held against someone to be depressed without good reason.

@cowanon By the way it was also a sin to get angry without just cause. Which I guess as a sin makes a bit more sense.

Though now im wondering why we are so forgiving of unjustified sadness in modern society yet so unforgiving of unjustified anger. But thats a bit of a tangent.

@freemo Maybe because unjustified anger is disruptive, possibly dangerous? That’s my guess.

@cowanon It can be, but then again so can depression. I think anyone who has ever had serious clinical depression will tell you that it can be pretty disruptive to their own life and others.

@freemo Oh it sure is disruptive to one’s life! Such a shame most people tend to, well, these comics explain better than I could. Plus, someone moping quietly in the corner I suspect doesn’t quite activate fight-or-flight from others like an overtly pissed-off guy does! :0120:

2013-11-21-Helpful Advice.png
2014-06-24-More Helpful Advice.…

@cowanon yea thats fair.. easier to fall under the radar with depression than anger i guess.

But sometimes I think our society should see anger as just as much a mental disorder as depression can be, and just as worthy of compassion and a desire to help fix it.

@freemo Like my mama always said about my papa: scientists are going to discover “addicted to rage” as a disorder one of these days!

@cowanon lol in a sense that is probably true. Though perhaps the rage will be more a symptom of something bigger.. hell we may even find out depression isnt "real" in its current definition but is instead also just a symtom of other underlying disorders... ::shrug::

Either way if i see someone who struggles to function in a healthy way, whether that is due to depression or anger, I have some compassion and a sense that there is something to be fixed and not just "well they are an asshole"

@freemo I’ve often thought of “depression” to be a common set of normal emotional responses to the general shittiness of life in the modern world. Even if well-fed and well-paid, it’s hard not to feel like a soulless, unfulfilled cog-in-the-wheel with no greater goal than catching up on netflix after a tiresome work day. Well, that and being surrounded by toxic food, toxic cosmetics, toxic cleaners, and so on!

@cowanon once we start invoking words like "normal" things get a little fuzzy, thats a bit of a loaded word that we could go on a huge tangent to discuss in its own right.


@cowanon I'm the master of tangents, I never get sick of them :)

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