I recently had a discussion with a person regarding the bible, a friend of mine asserted that the bible is simple to read and understand and likened it to reading a children's story. Of course, this is just ignorance to the immense complexity in the bible in countless ways.

Anyway here was my full response to him that goes into some examples of that complexity and why pretty much anyone who has just read an english version of the bible likely doesn't comprehend even a small fraction of the message being conveyed by it.

I strongly disagree. The bible is enormously complex but few people ever study the theory of it well enough to understand the almost brutal complexity encoded into it.

There are so many examples. You have the obvious complexities of history where many references are bizare and confusing without a deep understanding of the history of the context, these complexities are easy to identify even if we dont always know how to decipher them, but it just scratches the surface.

Every phrase, word, or chapter of the bible is encoded and laid out to be a sort of "spell" with encoded meaning many levels deep intended to give it power or meaning, as something sacred, most of which people will miss unless you know how to look for it.

One obvious example is in the book of genesis where the sepher yetzera, or more simply, three groups of hebrew letters are encoded in the passages. Basically there are three groups of hebrew letters in biblical hebrew each with a different number of letters in them. the mother letters, which are made up of with three of the hebrew letters, the double letters which are made up of seven of the hebrew letters, and the remaining 12 letters in the hebrew alphabet are called the simple letters. The mother letters are considering elementary and all other letters are born from the shapes that make up these letters. So the mother letters give rise to the double letters and ultimately give rise to simple letters. These letters and their organization form the basis for many other jewish and biblical concepts (including the tree of life) that I wont go into. But going back to genesis, the entire book of genesis is an encoding as to the "genesis" of these letters not just of the earth.

Basically its like this, if you count the passages where certain phrases are said each one correspondes directly to an element in the hierarchy from the Yetzera as follows:

"God said/desired" - occurs exactly 10 times - corresponds to the Seproth in the tree of life

"God Made" - occurs exactly 3 times - corresponds to the three mother letters

"God saw" - occurs exactly 7 times - corresponds to the 7 double letters

"God [modified a thing]" - occurs exactly 12 times - corresponds to the 12 simple letters

Not only this each passage corresponds to a specific letter or sephiroth in a way that reflects the nature of the thing and provides insight to the nature of the letter or sephiroth.

the bible isnt just complex, its so complex you probably missed most fo the complexity in trying to read it γ€€

That's just the first few pages, this and even deeper levels of complexity are everywhere in the bible. Gematria for example is used extensively throughout the entire text. Basically words that encode numbers which define hidden meanings for the passages that the text alone cant convey. A tru scholar reading the bible had to be a mathematician to even be able to read the text and understand it properly. Every word would have to be converted to its number form and then factored out and the overlapping numbers compared to the text to show connections and hidden meanings in some mind bogglingly complex ways.

The bible is anything but simple.

@freemo In German school, I was subjected to government-controlled religious education, which included bible study from philological and historical angles.
One of the most quality-of-life enhancing tidbits of knowledge I learned thusly was the concept of parallelism in biblical poetry
which greatly enhanced my enjoyment of this Monty Python scene:


@tatzelbrumm LOL love that segway :) Also I can certainly agree WRT the parallelism argument.

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