Do you watch any conservative/republican media that you find reasonable?

@vnarek Sadly I dont find any media reasonable these days, least of all media with a clear left or right lean.

It has gotten so bad that I usually just resort to reading the original text of bills and watching the sessions directly.

With that said there are good opinion pieces from breitbart I suppose but its so biased that it can be self-defeating, even if it does make some decent arguments. I generally avoid it regardless. PragerU is kind of the same, they make some decent educated arguments but the slant is just too much for me.

@freemo That is fair I have problems believing media too. My sources are mostly entertaining streamers that play games and talk policies, reading articles from peer reviewed sites or fact checking sites that are independent. Debates are good too because it's not a one way conversation. The mainstream media is dead to me. Most of them in my country are for example owned by our prime minister and multiple conflicts of interest were recorded, but people are still voting for him because they get news from those sources.

First time seeing breitbart so I will take a look thanks. I saw some videos from PragerU. Maybe they were the most controversial ones, but it was always a shitshow. I watched the last one about "What Does Separation of Church and State Mean?" and the ending is hilarious. Did you see that?

@vnarek I did not see that one. I dont really watch PragerU or even read Breitbart too often. I just have seen a handful of articles and videos from each that made a few compelling points. I agree they are largely shitshows, but thats true of any left or right leaning media. But as I said, they did have compelling points mixed in with the bullshit and lean at least.

@freemo I yet to see one with had good takes from PragerU, but maybe it's my social bubble. This is the reason I wanted to look at some right-wing media to see if my beliefs can be hold to a challenge.

I do find left-wing media (not the mainstream) more reasonable. Do you have an example where they are not reasonable or they lie? I think it is possible they do this on issues that I don't care that much about.


@vnarek do you have a video of that PU video on church and state that you thought was poorly done. I'd like to see it. Might give me an idea on if i agree with you that PU went down hill or if i feel it might be due to your own bias (regardless of where I stand on an issue even if i disagree with an argument I can sometimes still give a source credit that the argument was attempted expertly).. might help for you to get a second opinion from someone who isnt left wing?

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