Waitor: What can I get you?

Me: I will take some chicken periods, well cooked with some bovine lactation, some of it in a cup, fresh, and the rest with a bacterial infestation and old enough to solidify, you can put that on the chicken periods. As a side I'll take the head of a pig boiled with spicies until it produces a slurry, then sliced and fried, thanks.

Waitor: we are out of milk

Me: ok then the fresh squeezed liquid from the reproductive organs of a tree, any one will do.

Waitor: We have orange juice

me: that is fine, thank you.

Waitor: Wonderful, thats one omlet with cheese, a side of scrapple, and a glass of orange juice. Coming right up!

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@n0btc @freemo I'm iffy about eggs being chicken periods. Periods refer to menses, which can occur without flushing an egg, and is mostly uterus lining. Also, to my knowledge (which admittedly doesn't include much on livestock), chickens don't menstrate. I would be fine the term embryo or haploid cell.

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