Am I the only one who ever thinks about countering g-forces by allowing a pilot to be submersed in liquid instead with neutral boyancy. This would completely eliminate passing out from g-forces at any acceleration factor.

Though of course it would be complicated so I understand why it isnt done. You would need a complicated system to maintain pressure in the tank so it wont fluctuate quickly. But since g-forces are usually transient if done correctly decompression might not be a big issue

@freemo I have been thinking about this in the past and the idea is not new (Event Horizon from 1997? uses this mechanic).

Besides adding a ton of extra weight to the airframe (baaaad) you would still have to deal with brains getting put under server pressure, blood draining from the brains and the ability to move your limbs in case its needed.

This how ever can be mitigated by flying a bird remotely. EW becomes a thing, latency, airframes not being able to handle high-G loads, equipment on hardpoints unable to handle the Gs It is prolly cheaper to have like 500 drones with explosives swarm your target and zerg-rush the fuck out of it.

@xyfdi Well no. You wouldnt expiernce pressure on the brain.

As we discussed when under water in a 6.6 foot tank at 10 ATM pressure when at rest if you go 10G and were standing straight up there is only 0.3x more pressure on your head than feet. If you are lying perpendicular to the direction you move it is negligable.

You dont have the same effect of blood rushingout of your head as you would if you were out of water because the G force is translated into a somewhat uniform pressure with a much smaller difference across the body than what would be expiernced in air.

It would be no different than what a scuba diver expiernces at depth, except with a slightly stronger gradient.

@freemo ( tired AF, longform no go ) Has this thing with the tank been tested somewhere?


@xyfdi I dont honestly know.

As I said at the get go I dont expect it to be practical enough to actually put into use in any sorts of aicraft we use today or maybe not even in the future. It is more a curious thought experiment than an actual solution in my mind.

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