This is not arresting rioters anymore right? I would say this is a literal attack on free speech

@vnarek I think the arrests are getting close to 1000 in philly since riots and protests have started

@freemo Yeah it is possible but I still don't think it should justify this behaviour. This guy had a really good speech there (I can't find the full video).


@vnarek justify what behavior specifically just so we are clear?

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@freemo This people were demonstrating peacefully. So taking them into custody has no justification. Maybe I misunderstood what you meant.

@vnarek Oh ok, then yes I totally agree. As far as I can see the guy was sitting there trying to have a discussion and got arrested. Not sure if they were warned to disperse or what though.

@freemo There is an even longer video somewhere with the full speech. There is no sign of a police warning in any shape or form. I think they just wanted to destabilize this gathering by taking the leader. Actually he didn't even attack the cops verbally and tried to have reasonable discussion.

@vnarek that what it seems like. Cops typically do try to arrest leaders though.

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