Has anyone here ever heard of or used scuttlebutt? Apparently its a decentralized social media network, in that sense it is like the fediverse. but it uses a totally different approach (gossip network).

I'm just now hearing about it and looking it up.

Website is here:

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I used it before switching to Ubuntu Touch on Android.

The app I used was Manyverse. Seemed user friendly. Though it was a one man show for me. My wife isn't as tech curious as I am. And other friends use big tech for social.

I switched from a Samsung Note 8 using Android to a Nexus 5 running Ubuntu Touch. At the time there didn't appear to be an Ubuntu Touch app(html app or otherwise) I may revisit it and have them side by side.

@freemo i read about junto a social network based on holochain. I cant remember what happened to it.

@freemo I tried it. I find it charming in its quirkiness. I do struggel to find uses for it though.

One thing that bothered me was that I didnt quite understand where my data goes to. I mean who actually can see my stuff?

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