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I wanted to take a minute to explain QOTOs Remote timeline feature, specifically the new aspect we just released on the advanced interface: Domain Favourites.

This feature allows you to pull up a column which is identical to the local timeline of a remote instance, thus addressing the need for users to have multiple accounts across multiple instances. You can be here on QOTO and see the remote timeline as a separate feed just as if you were on the remote instance itself! For example attached to this post is what the remote timeline looks like from

Note: This feature can not and does not bypass security permissions. If a user has blocked you you wont see that users posts in the remote timeline either.

There are several ways to pull up or switch between remote timelines, and you can have several remote timelines up at the same time or even combine them in a single column.

One way to do this is with the QOTO lists feature. Here you can create lists that are either collections of people you wish to follow in their own timeline, or a list of domains where you wish to follow the remote local timeline of the whole domain. Create the lists you want then open your lists and switch between them to view the various timelines you define.

You can also go into your settings and under preferences there is a subsection called “Favourite domains”, you can add domains there as well. If you do this the domain will show up on the main navigation bar and you can select it with fewer clicks than through the list menu. There is also a Favourite Tags section in preferences that works much the same way.

You can also pull up the remote local timeline of an instance from a posted status itself. Simply click the three dots on a post from any user from the desired domain and one of the options will be to open the remote timeline for that domain.

That is all there is to it, enjoy!

@mur2501 Well you are always more than welcome here. Luckily you dont **have** to use the remote timeline feature :)

The problem remains that I will lost all my posts here :sadness:

@mur2501 All your posts yes, though not lost they would be at your old account. But you can keep your follower count (not just the people you follow but hose who follow you), as well as your block list and other stuff. So you really wont lose much, its your followers that is most important.

Posts are also important man :cwy:
Cause I have 2 alts already but due to the losing posts shit I don't shift :welp:

@mur2501 To each their own.. But Id say no one is looking back at posts you made from more than a month ago typically.They are preserved though none the less.

Well no one does but I do look back at my posts alot

@mur2501 You still can if they are on a remote account. Like I said they dont get deleted :) but yea no worries, I understand your reluctance.

Can I still keep logged into this account after shifting it?


@mur2501 Sure, it wont lock you out of your account entirely. It will just move your followers to the new account any anyone going to your old account will be told that you have moved and where to find you.

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That's good I shall shift my account then. What's the char limit on your instance?

@mur2501 No we are a fork of mastodon with significant features/code changes added on top.

@mur2501 We do, and I will happily add any emojis you find we dont have.

@mur2501 Check out for a list of all the extra features we offer as well as other federated services we offer.

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