Who to Thank for the Group Server

We released a lot of new features recently, most notably the managed groups server, groups directory, and markdown formatting in posts (see ).

A lot of people have asked if I coded it myself and I just wanted to take a minute to say while I did do the final leg of work ultimately needed to make these features possible, this is open-source, and therefore 99% of the work done was done by others, I am simply standing on their shoulders. Aside from a few days of work on my part try to remember people like @Gargron and @noellabo and the other mastodon contributors (sorry I don’t really know who all the main contributors are) are the ones who spent many months of their lives doing all the work that made what I did possible.

So while I appreciate the thanks for my part in this, if you really appreciate all the new features please don’t forget to thank the mastodon devs either, if it weren’t for them this wouldn’t be possible.


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