Just a little reminder of why the two party system is a fallacy and why you should vote third party tomorrow:

1) the chance of Biden-Trump being determined by a single vote is virtually impossible. There is a greater chance that a third party will win the election than there is of Biden and Trump being decided by one vote.

2) Because your vote wont actually determine the outcome of the election what you need to ask yourself is what vote will send the message you want for the future. You cant effect who will win but by bolstering the numbers of the party you think is ideologically the best you send the message for future elections that the party you support stands a chance. You are and always have been voting for future elections, not this one.. so the real vote is, do you wantt o perpetuate a two party system or do you want to see the two party system broken?

3) the primary parties will be on the ballot regardless. Third parties need to have a certain level of support to make the ballots at all. By voting third party you ensure that third parties show on the ballot in future elections and help drive change whereby we can push out the priamry parties from having a monopoly...

In short, there is no argument to support a two party system exists, there is no logical reason that your vote is more effective or does more good voting for a party based on its liklihood of winning. However not voting third party does do real measurable harm, even with just one vote.

If you care about america do the right thing, vote third party!

@freemo Hi there! What do you mean by "the chance of Biden-Trump being determined by a single vote is virtually impossible."?

In particular, what do you mean by "being determined"?


@erou In other words, where your vote determines who wins.. if you vote biden biden wins, if you vote trump trump wins... The chance of it coming down to your vote is virtually impossible and far less likely than the chance of a third party winning.

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