Well looks like it is fairly likely we got another 4 years of trump. Only a few undecided states and in all of them except one trump has almost a 5 point lead...

@freemo Biden has won now. Trump is going to the supreme court to scream about stuff but I think it's still going to be Biden.

I don't know, this stuff is pretty crazy, it might just get even crazier.

@mistermonster @freemo agreed. It looked earlier like Biden had won but it's up in the air atm.

If Pennsylvania goes blue though it's gg.

I don't want to say who I'm routing for and I'll remain neutral for now πŸ‘»

Never say who you're rooting for lol. I'm not particularly rooting for anyone at this point, I just want the result to be legitimate and this whole thing doesn't come across as that.


Only real chance of this flipping is going to be nevadah IMO. The others could flip but trumps lead is probably too big.


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