I just bought an Antique 1st Edition of "The End of an Era" printed in 1901 for only 15$

It's a cultural/historic book well known among history lovers. It is basically a autobiography of John S wise describing his life before, during, and after the civil war.

Considering it is a 120 year old book its condition is absolutely extraordinary as well, pictures attached.

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@freemo are you going to nondestructively bookscan it :blobcatdetective:

@freemo congrats! I love first editions. I have one from a favorite author from over 100 years ago my wife got me as a gift. We have several first editions now, but it's rare to have them over a century old.

@SecondJon Agreed, I collect them mostly for resale value. This isnt a book that has any particular meaning for me

@freemo That's incredible. Only $15? I would've expected something that old and in that condition it to be $150 or more. Do you collect lots of antique items? Will you read it?

1901 wasn't really that long ago. When I think of the American Civil War, I think of a time that's been gone for way longer than it has.

What side of the Civil War was he on, and why, I wonder.

@vital876 I could easily resell this in the hundreds, if not thousands, I'd expect.I think the seller just didnt know the value of what they had.

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