Attached a picture of the QOTO swarm’s resources for those who are curious.

Some interesting facts about the cluster for those who are curious:

  • Runs as a docker swarm, so easily scales as needed and services can move between computers in the cluster.
  • Runs on a 7 computer cluster.
  • Utilizes only about 5% at most of its CPU potential
  • CPU has burst capability, so can go well beyond 100% for momentary high loads.
    *Utilizes 33% of the memory (this includes caching). Almost all of the memory is from Gitlab.
  • Requires half a terrabyte of on-disk size, with an additional 2 TB for used currently as shared disks.
  • Supports 12 different services right now: fediverse-bots, discourse, wikijs, funkwhale, gitlab, 5-node load balancer, nextcloud, peertube, piwig, qoto-mastodon groups server, and two different monitoring tools.
  • These 12 services run as 60 different interconnected docker containers spread across the cluster.


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As for costs… the last year the total cost to run QOTO was 11,384.43$. However I recently paid to reserve the instances instead of spot instances. So I expect the next year to be about 25% cheaper.

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@freemo Woah that's cool. Is that using docker swarm? or some other swarm? πŸ˜‚

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