Here are a few of my top favorite books (fiction) at different points in life from about 9 years old on (no particular order):

- The Farthest Away Mountain
- Lord of the Rings
- The Stand
- Dune
- Dante's Inferno

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@freemo I read the Stand when I was young, it scared the crap out of me. Loved it.

@thedonnerd Yea it was one of my early favorites. Still young enough to get scared by Steven King at that point... these days I wonder how he ever managed to scare me honestly.

@freemo I watched The Stand, the TV show. It was *sweet!*

I have Dune (the book) though I haven't read it. Apparently a new Dune TV show (or was it a movie?) is coming out soon.

@freemo only the Inferno? What about the rest of the Divine Comedy?

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