@matrix Its almost like living in a society that treats you unfairly, makes it harder to be financially successful, and causes you to be likely to be born into a life of poverty might possibly influence a persons perpencity towards crime.... who wulda thunk.

@freemo @matrix "living in a society that treats you unfairly"

If you're talking about black people, you're right, but not in the way you intended: Beyond nonstop Affirmative Action and racial quotas to ensure that blacks have to put in far less effort than any other group to get into a good college or get a good job, they're actually less likely than White people to be shot by the police while unarmed, when you control for just how much more violent crime they commit.

Being black in America is Easy Mode, it's just that many blacks are so dysfunctional that they still manage to screw up their lives despite society bending over backwards to accommodate them.


Life skills are generational. When you make people slaves and then try to reverse course on that the lack of education will be passed down generation after generation.

To claim that they systemically have it easier, which I'm not saying is true but even if we assume it is, doesnt really make your case at all. Having it "easy" isnt going to reset the centuries of oppression whose effects will continue to be passed down for some time.



Because the UK and Canada do just as shitty a job addressing the problem as the USA does.

@matrix @ChristiJunior

@freemo @MaceDindu @matrix Of course, blacks are always being wronged, everybody is out to get them, surely the fault can't ever lie with the blacks...


Never said that either. Just because there are plenty of external factors in no way implies there arent internal factors int he black communities which arent helping either.

@MaceDindu @matrix

@freemo @ChristiJunior @matrix yeah, but to the extent there are factors, they're different factors, with roughly similar outcomes. Why is London 13% black, and half the murders there are perpetrated by blacks? No history of slavery, different society, same outcome.


No history of slavery? Seriously, you think the UK didnt engage in slavery? Hate to break it to you but all of europe engaged in slavery of black people including during the time slaves were common in america, give or take a few decades.

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Wrong. Slaves were legal and actively traded until the 1800s in Britain and Europe as a whole. Slaves were not made illegal in europe until the 1860s, almost 25 years after it was made illegal in the USA.

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