@freemo or anyone: I'm trying to find out how connected the graph of fediverse nodes is. For instance, if it's fully connected (every node connected to every other), that might imply a scalability limit to the number of nodes.

I guess another way of framing the question is whether two nodes A and B are necessarily directly connected because a user in node A follows a user in node B.

The main problem to answer that question is to obtain the graph... I'm guessing that by node you mean instances, so you'd need to know which instances federate with which other instances... And there's no way to do that exactly.
If you had the graph, though, you'd want to look at the strongly/weakly connected components.

On the other hand, I'm not sure what you mean by scalability limit so can't help you with that.


Actually there is a website that shows you the federation graph. Ill find it when im near my computer next.

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@freemo @underlap hi there, I'm actually rather interested in that website, so if you happen to find it again, please ping me :)

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