@freemo So much of this is just silly, and Iโ€™m sorry youโ€™re having to deal with it. Iโ€™m not going to be defederating from instances that have thoughtful moderation policies that do their best to enforce them, I can tell you that. Iโ€™ll recommend Qoto too.

Ah, the feeling of old-style internet drama, Iโ€™ve kinda missed it! (not that much)

@freemo You called Eugen a Nazi for not referencing your instance in joinmastodon and you accept accolades from public antisemites, I can see why people block your instance on sight. The company we keep...

@hypolite I never called him a nazi, in fact in my write up, which you clearly didnt read, i even pointed out he has generally been an LGBTQ ally when it was popular.

I **did** say he caved to a nazi's agenda, which again you clearly didnt read the post which has photo evidence of what I claim.

As for accepting accolades from antisemites, I dont know who you mean, but have you considered I might simply have no idea that someone was an antisemite. I mean for christs sake I specifically moved to Israel to save the lives of the jews (and others) who live here.... im hardly supporting of antisemites.

@freemo I indeed couldn't read the post because it was removed from the Reddit page, but it took me exactly 2 minutes to find an antisemite post in the timeline of the account who just praised you by using Nazi-related language to describe Gargron.

The problem is that if you do not actively push back on antisemitic rhetoric, you implicitly accept it. You can't claim ignorance and get away with it, as a server admin you have to recognize the signs (thankfully most aren't very subtle) and stomp that shit.

Any reluctance to do so will get you associated with antisemites for good reasons, no matter what you say or believe yourself in that regard.

@hypolite I have 30,000 followers, on average I get one notification per second **constantly**.. if someone says nice things to me do you really expect me to read their entire time line before I say something as simple as "thanks"...

I get your point, and if i knew someone is an antisemite I clearly wont praise them or boost them. But I cant know the history of every single person I exchange a single word with, the time restrictions on me would be enourmous.

@freemo I hear you, but if you don't want to do this work, people who have to do it to guarantee their users' safety online will defederate from your instance for very good reasons.

@hypolite im not sure how saying "thanks" to an account whom no one on their server can see in the first place puts anyones safety at risk. Care to explain that?

You yourself interacted with them and are clearly federated with them, which means they would defederate from you and your server as well.

@freemo Additionally, I have blocked "noagenda.social" for a while because of their detrimental view on free speech which attracts all sorts of undesirable people. But here they are on your threads. Again, not a good look.


If you can see someone you blocked then they arent truly blocked.. you are using software which does not do a "true" blocking, it allows your data to be sent to blocked instances.

This means you are, in fact, federating with this bad instances. By the same harsh judgement you are applying to me, therefore, can be applied to you for even using software that has open federation at all.

@freemo So, willfully obtuse and technically ignorant. We're a long ways away from "Question Others to Teach Ourselves". Enjoy your instance blocks, you've truly deserved them.

@hypolite No i am not actually accusing you of that, i am pointing out that others would if your held to the same standard as me.. personally i dont mind that your software cant defederate when you block people ... its a nonissue for me.

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@hypolite I should write a script that looks at everyone you ever replied to and looks throught their history to find if any of them have ever been racist or prejudice and you just missed it... willing to garuntee there is plenty.

You cant even see the absurdity of your strawman...

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