NOTE: If anyone wants to be added to this list just let me know.

Ok so this seems to be most of the people who publicly stated they had interest in developing the "United Federation of Instances". All of you should have gotten the first draft and opinions were heard and discussed.

Today I will be moving the first draft over to git (either or From there I will encourage each of you to provide suggestions as to edits there, and raise discussions in issues. This way we will be public and have an open transparent forum that keeps the changes on record.

While public feedback is being debated on the proposal I will begin a rough draft on the complete by laws (which will try to represent the broader points in the proposal document). That too will be on gitlab and open to discussion

From there as the movement grows we can begin discussing launching it.

I suggest all communication on the fediverse about this use the hashtag so it is easily searchable.

Since this is a public post I will now share the link to the early draft here, please keep in mind everything here is open for discussion so if anyone doesnt like the current direction, please speak up, we want you to be heard.

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@freemo i don't have post size to include mentions. I realize I may have controversial opinions, but will try to elaborate.

CoC: I have always found this a dubious beast. Somehow it feels like the right idea expressed badly. So my 2 cents:

1) why not mention humane treatment (UDHR) and emphasize that freedom of expression+opinion does not mean you are allowed to be infinitely cruel in doing so.

2) is tricky, because every situation is context-dependent. Instead of "hunting down" [..]

@freemo a previously misbehaving person, let their own repeated misbehavior unveil them. What if you discover a person had 3 accounts and 2 accounts exhibited acceptable behavior? Again, context matters, circumstances matter. You can always treat a exceptionally problematic case special.

3) I am not sure I understand what that means

4) clear purpose, but seems out of place in CoC. Just for purpose of avoiding spam.

5) not sure how to respond. First thing i did when joining fedi [..]


@timezoneless I will be creating the gitlab repo for this shortly. Would you mind repeating your concerns there and openning it for discussion.

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@freemo sorry, was still writing. Have seen your comment now.

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