This weekend I will be working more on the "United Federation of Instances"

First thing I want to do is go through all the issues in the repo and try to comment or add my opinion on them.

Feel free to get in on the conversation here, its open to everyone.

Next I will work more on finishing the full bylaws, and try to incorperate any new perspectives from the discussions in the issues (eventually we can vote on the final wording).

Anyone interested in seeing the progress on that (the first draft isnt done) you can check that out here:

Of course you can see the original proposal document (which is the easier read and sumarizes the bylaws) here:

If anyone wants to contribute just join the first link I mentioned and feel free to offer merge requests. Also if anyone wants to help work on things like a website for us please speak up.

As always if you want to get into the conversation there are two ways other than the gitlab.

The first is fediverse groups: @ufoi

The other is our matrix chat room:

Hope to see you all there.

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