#UFOI article is out now. I discuss why it’s better than #Fediblock #Fediblockmeta, my ideal solution for the #Fediblock, and how the #UFOI approaches these issues, with a nice word from @freemo addressing my most serious concern with the project.

I hope y’all find it interesting, if nothing else. Been wanting to release it for awhile now.


RT: https://paper.wf/api/posts/mz9uq38sjv

Casey Magazine  
No, Fediblock Isn’t Better Than The UFOI https://paper.wf/casey-magazine/no-fediblock-isnt-better-than-the-ufoi
@PKMNLives @ufoi @casey-magazine @freemo You're wrong, but assuming you're right, anyone can fork the #UFOI to make their own thing, and its structure is quite fine.

If #fediblock #fediblockmeta adopted this structure, they wouldn't fall for #Nazi disinformation campaigns, nor could their activities be obfuscated or interfered with by third parties.

@realcaseyrollins @ufoi @PKMNLives @casey-magazine

Its amazing, every single word you said is wrong. QoTO has been the leader in being a "good actor" for 5 years. We were one of the first servers to have a transparent and defined moderation process. We were also one of the earliest servers to explicitly include features and process to protect at risk groups like lgbtq and minorities. QOTO is the founding member and other members are held to the same standard

I challenge you to find even a sibgle example of a bad actor that has been reported and we refuse to act on, go ahead ill wait.

Also the idea that most of the fediverse has blocked the UFOI is a complete fantasy, in fact quite the opposite is true. UFOI currently has about 5% of the fediverse pledged to join. The vast majority of servers blocking UFOI are single user servers. The percentage of servers based on user count that block us is less than 0.05%, so there are about 100x to 500x more users in the UFOI than those that block us. By comparison QOTO remains one of the most federated servers on the internet.

Dont buy all the propaganda you hear.



Joepie lied about the details of those interaction. Fornexample as i said we never had to deal with childporn its true. But 5 minutes after that conversation we had an emergency meeting ofnour moderators and added an explicit rule to our ToS banning it. Previousky it woukd have been covered under iklegal acts.

The bit about racism is taken out of context. We DO and always have banned for racism on our server and clearly arent freeze speech. What we dont do is defederate from other servers, big difference. Claiming we are bad actors for having good strict moderation rules and simply for our federation policy is disengenuine at best.

As for the other two links.. i feel no need to defend callibg someone fascist who literally met the definition of facism. And even the link to tbat block list only lists us as federating freely, not a free speech server.

Funny how you have still completely failed and showing even a sibgle example of **any** of our users acting as a bad actor... still waiting on that.

@realcaseyrollins @ufoi @casey-magazine @stux

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@realcaseyrollins @ufoi @casey-magazine @stux

By the way, stux, lets get another beer so we can laugh at this asshat troll in person, just another day on the fedi). Look forward to seeing you again old friend, ill be back in the netherlands this year so lets make sure we dont miss eachother!

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