I suspect docker removing the free tier is going to absolutely devistate them. All the open-source software, which is what dominated docker, is now scrambling to find alternatives.

Also since docker treates docker hub as first class for fetching images I suspect people will move off docker entierly.

It is going to be pretty crazy for the open source community too having all the images they depend on just disapear. Dev chains everywhere are going to break...

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@freemo Yea the design decision to allow image names to fall back to docker by default was plenty questionable but is now definitely on the wrong side of history. It's funny that it's by their own hand and amidst a wave of supply chain and typosquatting attacks

@arichtman Yea agreed. Right now im already looking to jump ship from docker (should there be a good alternative) and most of the reason is the fall back to hub...

I used Podman for quite a while, out-the-box rootless, no daemon or install, backed by Red Hat (fwiw). I had good success, and the `buildah` workflow was nice (even runs in containers!).
Skopeo also has a couple features that one-up Docker.

Where Podman started to fall down for me was lacking the new buildkit features for build-time secrets. But that will come eventually.

There's also apparently Nerdctl and LXC/Lima but that looks considerably less popular.

@PawelK As lkong as I can replace docker swarm and docker with something equivelant I will.. I built a lot on top of dockerswarm that will be hard to move from.

Thanks, I am aware of most of this and how to host my own docker registry... but this issue goes much deeper than that.

@freemo Fair enough. I know there is more to it, but maybe it helps temporarily, buying time as long term solutions get worked out

@sandorspruit It might be of limited help yea.. The problem is pipelines everywhere are going to break, docker will become damn near unusuable. There is no magical cure for that.

@freemo I know, unless folks have done their work carefully, things can break in unexpected places

@freemo You know about Singularity from Sylabs, and Apptainer?

@sandorspruit yea singularity has a similar problem as it is a profit company that may revoke access to its registries for profit at any time.

Apptainer I have heard of but didnt dig into.

@freemo Suspect? Don't you mean hope?
Because if not... that would be extremely dysfunctional, "choke me harder, daddy-hub" level.

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