Am i the only one who collects every possible chemistry of battery he can get his hands on?

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@freemo I would if I had run into half those chemistries! I'm a HUGE fan of NiMh though. LiPo is amazing for it's unlimited form factors and unparalleled power density.

NiMh wins in the cold, it wins when it comes to overcharge (which lends to really flexible trickle charging options with tiny solar), it's form factor means you can add it to anything that would take 3 double A's and they are just neat overall.

LiFePo4 however is quickly becoming my new favourite!

Lithium Titanite is missing from your collection. I bought a bunch from Ali Express. Cool stuff. Safe to discharge to 0V. Won't catch fire if cut, punctured, etc. Very high cycle life.


I have several other chemistries elsewhere, as well as other form factors... But you are correct I dont have any Lithium Titanite... buying now :)



NVM, just checked, I do indeed have a pack of Lithium Titanite! That said I found ahuge 12V one for 600$ I might buy now :)


@PlumpCat Keep in mind the chemistries and form factors are mostly independent... You can find virtually any chemistry in any form factor.

LiFePO4 is my favorite all around... Li-ion usb chargables are super cool, and as NiMh is quite nice when you want to abuse your batteries :)

I have a huge 12V car-battery style battery which is actually Li-ion and the charging regulator is built in, so you can charge it by just attached 14V to it and walking away.. even has a little battery % indicator... being as large as it is it has insane power capacity while being fairly light.

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