What open-source Electronics EDA would you prefer to use if you ran a team and learning curve wasnt an issue?

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@freemo i would make a new one because all of those suck and are not ergonomic.

but kicad is the least bad that exists, i guess.

@icedquinn I really really want to swith to gEDA, but the lack of library support for a lot os stuff was just too tedious to do myself. so I generally stick to kicad

@freemo i fiddled with trying to do pcbs with that. there were some nice things here and there like the scripts to teardrop traces and at one point an autorouter. someone had made a topological router, but its sort of fallen aside and has to be dug out of archives now.

kicad can talk to freeroute, but it's still through a pretty janky method.

we can do better than all of those :neofox_cofe:

@icedquinn yea most of my issues seemed to revolve around just lack of popularity and thus support.

If learning curve
(and with that I mean mostly getting through installation and configuration hell caused by software containers, not the tools themselves) is not a problem:

That's transistor level chip design, not PCB design.

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