It is weird the things you miss when you are away from home for multiple years... friends aside its really nice to have my handy Fluke 289 DMM back in my hand.

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@freemo oh hey one of the only parts of electronic engineering i know how to use :blobcatgooglysoldering:

@icedquinn To be fair you can do a hell of a lot of EE with just a DMM and a soldering iron :)

@freemo i just build kits really. i only vaguely know a couple entry level bits of the rest.

@icedquinn Well if your using a DMM you atleast have a basic understanding of how to diagnose it... I suspect there is more to what you know than you give yourself credit for, even if it is entry level.

@freemo you can use the diode tester to check solder welds. it's not what its for but it works :blobcatgiggle2:

although don't really get cold welds anymore with the digital iron

@freemo Had access to one that looked like that but was a process calibrator - could source 0-10V, 4-20mA, and simulate thermocouples and RTDs. It’s like they might’ve used the same screen.

@rmerriam Flukes are great. They are the apple of electronics equipment... expensive, but good quality.

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