Redoing this poll due to a suggestion by @kilroy_was_here ...

What name do you like best for a non-profit community for Ham Radio? Think Apache incubator but for Ham plus other open-source services and resources for the community.

FYI I have both the dot com and dot org as well as the hyphenated and non hyphenated versions of the below. Please mention which variant you prefer in comments.

@freemo @kilroy_was_here In most non-english languages there is no "ham", and therefore no bacon either to be associated with our hobby.

In german, we call us "Funkamateur" (Funk = sparc, comes from the original spark transmitters). It's basically like the english radio, just that the german. "Radio" normally means an FM or DAB+ radio. It's purely a receiver.

And "Amateur" stems from greek (or latin, unsure), it means "lover of".

No pigs to be seen here :-)

Even more bad: for weird reasons the term "bacon" has a bad connotation is muslim countries. They think that a pig is something bad, not to be eaten. I would therefore never name a supposedly international organization with "beacon" in its name. With "ham" I could at least argue that this is just the english word and doesn't have anything to do with pig meat.



Yea thats a good point actually... I'm leaning towards FLEAR s the organization name.. the other two domains might make sense as projects underneath it.


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