One of the challenges that I'm working on is empowering people with consumer-class internet access (i.e., dynamic addresses) to run their own Fediverse servers. The Publish/Publisher and websocket components I've added to #SofaPub move in that direction.

This allows someone with broad connectivity to re-publish connections from users who are more limited.

This is a big addition and I haven't published it to yet. But the code is at

#ActivityPub #Rust



I recently got ActivityPub working on simple static websites.. though im not sure anything learned there would help here...

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@freemo there's a lot that can be done statically: webfinger, collections (followers, following), user profiles, outbox. I can see how that would be useful for folks. Have you written up your methods?


Not yet, and I use statically a bit loosely.. It uses a static site generator but some of the stuff where it is needed still runs as serverless functions.

Its basically hugo for the html with TS using tools to render some endpoints.. Most people still call it static though since the website itself i dont know why.

Its basically hugo + vercel

Only reason i think it counts as static is because without the serverless functions running and endpoints it will still serve up its just the AP stuff will only half-work.

But its currently open-source under apache. when im done int he next few days ill make sure the readme makes it easy to follow but for now it would be hard to figure out just from the source.


Thanks, i may just pop a link there to it if its useful but frankly id rather someone else do that so it doesnt look like self promotion. The fediverse is so toxic ive had admins loose their shit just for reaching out to resolve issues... Other people can handle the social side of the software.. ill build my tech, use it for myself, and open source if anyone else wants to take it.. ill add good instructions, but ill stay out of the threads.

Thanks, feel free to share it as you see fit. Also feel free to ask if i can help.

@justin @h

@freemo @justin @helge

You need not fear for self-promotion on SocialHub, or else all members would be doing it as they share experiences from their own projects and experiments πŸ˜ƒ


I'm just a bit jaded. I've been here since the earlier days of the fedi, I run one of the older server instances too.... the people have been so overwhelming toxic in this community since day one I have become jaded

@justin @h

@freemo @justin @helge

Understand, sorry to hear that. Just do as you feel comfortable. I just chimed in as static site AP support is a thing much desired and where many improvements can be made :)


Well mine is 100% working.. you can follow a user, and you get the accept back.. it even sends the create push to followers when new articles come out, so you get it in your feed.

Check it out here: @flear

If anyone comments, stars, or reshares an article on the fedi it shows on the static website as comments on that site..

Basically all the core features you need are there and working. Feel free to use it

@justin @h @neil


Wonderful, thank you. Please be sure to ping me if you or anyone in the thread needs anything I can help with.. I guess now that i have eyes on this I should get a contributors file together so those people who contributed work I snatched from get proper credit and all....

@flear @justin @h @neil


Hey, so I tried to join the forum as you suggested but after trying two seperate email accounts I never get the signup email.... i wanted to update the post since i broke the code for a day or two but have since got it working (with a lot of new features).

Any idea why I cant join?

@flear @justin @h @neil

@freemo weird. I'll help you out. I see 2 new accounts.. which is your preferred one? freemo or DocFreemo?

@freemo freemo is activated now. You should be able to log in. If it succeeds I will remove DocFreemo.

@smallcircles Me too, much appreciated.

You may want to check if the email server for the site is down or something... anyway thanks im good :)

@freemo I created an admin topic. This needs admins to check, I am just moderator.

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