I just released a new version of Fedipage (a static site generator with full ActivityPub support).

Excited, the new version fixes a major bug and adds a few nice new features!


Fedipage v1.1.0 Released Fedipage, the source that powers this static website with ActivityPub support, has just released v1.1.0! We have a few new...
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@freemo Is there a way to use Fedipage without relying on proprietary services?

@silverpill sorta. Vercel is just used for the active parts (like following accept). If you runbit truely passively then the site will be viewable from the fediverse but following wont work.

As for running it actively, you could in theory move to any service where you can run the api end pooints. With some extra coding a few tricks might be possiboe too.

@freemo What about Firebase, do you know any drop-in replacement?

@silverpill not a drop in. But it should be fairly trivial to replace that with really any other service that can store and recall data you might want.. with a bit of recoding.

But the DB layer is pretty simple to redo if needed. It just needs a place to store and recall stuff in json format. Firebase was chosen simply because the code I was basing by stuff off of was already using vercel and firebase.. easy to replace though.

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