I am still hiring for top-tier programmers and data scientist. Please reboost, share, recommend, or reply if you know anyone who might be interested.

Fully remote! Live and work from anywhere with internet (including the beach!)

I am the company owner, and will be both your direct boss and the hiring manager.

Semantic Web, AI, and Java are some of the key techs. Open-source and Linux oriented experience ideally. OSS contributions and activity will be weighted heavily, particularly in relevant areas.

Here are the job descriptions:

If you are interested please send an email to: and please CC

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@freemo Just so you know, your website doesn't load on Android Firefox with uBo, LocalDns, and JShelter.

I'm sorry, scratch that. Apparently it was an issue in the browser that first occurred on your site. Other newly opened sites didn't work as well but opening ones I regularly visit worked... (I assume some DNS dumbness happened πŸ‘€) Force-restarting (zr maybe waiting?) solved that.

Before reading the job descriptions, I thought; "Plenty of people are available at the moment."
After reading; "Not that many that can honestly claim that they can fill those shoes.", incl myself...

@niclas Sadly that is the difficulty here. WE have a pretty high-end ask for a dev, and with some specific skills many devs arent going to have.

That said if you feel you might be a fit for part of it we do jave intermediate and jr positions too. We generally try to pay a fair market value for your skills too, rather than paying for the title itself.


AI/AGI/ML/Data Science in general.

Clinical/medical stuff will be our first targets out of the gate but the platform will be a general data science tool that can apply to any industry.


Thanks. Unfortunately that doesn't align with my own "Joyride".
And the only one I know that could be a massive asset for you (Rickard Γ–berg), just swapped positions last year, and won't do it this soon after.

He joined Totto Hetland's eXOReaction AS, and I think they take on consulting gigs, so perhaps contact them from that perspective if need arises.

@niclas Thanks I appreciate the suggestion. We are only really looking for people who are likely to stay long-term. While contracting and consulting is fine they would not be short-term hires.

Feel free to share with anyone who may be interested though. Appreciate the help.


Understood, hence the "if need arises"

I normally try to connect people, when I see common goals and synergies, and this is no different.

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