Dammit, time flies, and we lost the planned opportunity for an #OFFDEM AMA (Ask Me Anything) yesterday for the beautiful mirror date: 22.02.2022.

So we propose to do it over the #Fediverse in the coming days since we were too busy with recovering from travel and settling down in Brussels to even announce it.

Here we go: shoot your questions about #OFFDEM here and we'll reply to the thread.



Well I was still awake talking to others about it :)

My first question would be:

How did the time fly and in which direction did it go? :)

It might also serve as a backup soft question if there is nothing else (so just talking about how life is maybe in any specific or generic sense for this or anything in life)



Thank you for asking @freeschool

Indeed, there is some tension between what we would like to do and how much we are able to achieve given the circumstances and available energy.

So we did most of the things we were supposed to do, and some we did not (such as following up online as much as we'd like).

Instead we've been meeting with many people who were not necessarily aware of #OFFDEM, and we've been receiving great support so far. It's starting to look very diverse & appealing.

#OFFDEM AMA -- Kids Welcome! 

Yes, we are welcoming children. So far 4 of them are coming. They will enjoy a dedicated kids space with babysitters. Their parents can thus enjoy the gathering while their kids are enjoying themselves in a safe environment.

It's important for the diversity of our community and sanity of our science that we make free software gatherings for all people.

#KidsWelcome #FreeSoftware #Activism

#OFFDEM AMA -- Vegan Food! 

Some of us do not eat meat. Some of us do not eat junk food.

#Vegan food offers the best compromise for a week-end of sane, nourishing, and tasty food, as we've been offering at previous OFFDEM events. Because sitting in front of a computer is hard enough on the body, we take care of our own and provide free price vegan food on premises.

#Intersectional #FreeSoftware #Activism

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