Follow Websites - a copy of all them!??... 

Interesting diary of someone trying to backup all of the websites in 2009!


Geocities was very popular place for websites in late 1994 with ample space for a website 2MB !

Actually very doable in some sense (or we made do) and shows how smaller scale works even if we wanted to add all the media in the world as it is now... we did personally what we could deal with (and not chew up the worlds energy and hardware to level now at the expense of land, water for heat cooling and other things geologically connected).

Discontinuing it disappeared in late 2009... so this was the story of someone copy the data and making of /

- Does it continue?....
- Did you get nostalgic from seeing the logo?

Interesting was being able to see sites via neighbourhoods too hence the 'Geo' part (which to be honest I didn't really get or remember now until reading cities were shown there neighbourhoods, I just remember it mostly for the web hosting)...!_G

Stories and chat welcome...

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